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Get to know some of the vendors that you can find at 28…

Big Blue Moma

When I met Big Blue Moma, we just clicked. A fellow savvy business gal with a passion for textures, textiles, the handmade, the colourful, and the exotic?! It was so refreshing to connect with someone who could appreciate the story behind the beautiful things in this amazing world.

So of course we high-fived and partnered up to bring Big Blue Moma to 28 Blankets. Her colourful, hand selected baskets are fairly purchased directly from the makers in Ghana, as are the traditional fabrics that she uses to make her amazing pillows, place mats, quilted blankets,and cloth napkins.

It’s not often that you run into someone who is cut from the same cloth, and when you do, it’s pretty special.


Tartan Blanket Co.

Tartan Blanket Co. is a business with a beautiful balance of values, modern taste, and entrepreneurial spirit while honouring their heritage. Founded by a lovely couple who returned to their roots in Scotland to make a more meaningful life for their family and community, this business story gives me all the feels.

They found and built relationships with mills, both in Scotland and globally, to source the highest quality and best value products. They hired a small dedicated and dynamic team to ensure every step of the customer experience – from online browsing right through to unwrapping their beautiful purchase – brings a smile to every customer’s face. Finally, they moved into a beautiful old warehouse and office in Leith, down among Edinburgh’s old docks and creative hub.

Doesn’t that just sound like the best thing ever?


Bohemia Design

This amazing company is the culmination of years of experience working with artists and craftspeople around the world. Bohemia was established to build relationships with artisan producers and through collaborations that help to support meaningful employment and ensure the survival of awe-inspiring traditional crafts.

Bohemia Design partners with weavers of baskets and blankets, wood craftsmen and leather workers in Morocco, traditional hand block printers, jewellers and pom pom makers in India and jewellers in Istanbul, Turkey. Alongside the design and production of their own line of prints and fabrics they also source vintage textiles from rugs to sequinned Handira blankets and incredible Berber pots and plates from the Sahara region of Morocco.

Follow them on Instagram if you want to live vicariously and enjoy Moroccan sunsets from exotic rooftop gardens.


Blue Q

If you are a bit cheeky and joyful then you are a bit Blue Q. For 26 years this company has been delivering high quality products with a sense of humour and we love it. They have a strong, creative team because their business culture is as fun and saucy as the brand itself!

All pouches and bags by Blue Q are made with 95% recycled material and are practically indestructible. Also, 1% of all sales forever are donated to charities such as Doctors without Borders and The Nature Conservancy.

We love a brand that has heart (and sarcasm).

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