About Us

28 Blankets is a light and airy showroom in Calgary, ABA love of texture, coziness, and fibre are the driving forces behind 28 Blankets, a finished goods store with hygge at heart. Whether you are looking for a handmade artisan basket from Ghana, an authentic plaid from Scotland, alpaca mittens from Peru, or a beeswax candle from Canada, we have it covered.

28 Blankets is a sister store to STASH Lounge! Our focus on finished and artisan goods is rooted in our love of fibre and craft. If you find 28 Blankets inspiring, please also visit STASH and explore the hands-on craft of knit or crochet!

We carry select products from the following brilliant brands:

  • The Laundress
  • The Tofino Towel Co.
  • Blue Q
  • Black Sheep goods
  • The Lunenburg Makery
  • Global Goods
  • 341 Candle Company
  • Bohemia Designs
  • Karma Living
  • Baba Tree Company
  • The Tartan Blanket Co.
  • Peruvian Link
  • The Lemon Collections
  • Northern Watters Knitwear
  • Danica Studios
  • Loopy Mango

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